Lacrosse FAQs


Lacrosse Program FAQs

What is included in the registration fee?

All players pay the basic registration fee. Since all girls in 3rd grade and up and all boys in 4th grade and up are automatically on a "travel team" (see #3 below), each must pay an additional fee to cover the cost of officials, field rental and other expenses. 

Do I have to purchase a uniform?

 All girls 3 grade and up and all boys 4th grade and up must have a uniform. If you are a new or returning 3rd grade girl or a new or returning 4th grade boy, you need to purchase a jersey and shorts. If you are a girl in 3rd grade and up or a boy in 5th grade and up who played last year, you can use your uniform from last year. Players in the intramural programs receive a reversible, numbered pinnie.

How are players assigned to teams?

Optimist Lacrosse is organized by grades and generally we place all players in the same grade on the same team regardless of experience. There are no tryouts unless required where there are too many players in a particular grade. See question 4 below. First and second grade boys and first and second grade girls play together in our intramural program. Teams of girls in 3rd grade and up and of boys in 3rd grade and up are considered "travel" teams, meaning that they play games against teams from neighboring communities. This will involve local travel for about a half of the games. In situations where a team does not have enough players or a team has too many players, we may assign players to a different grade level particularly where it fits the player's level of skill and experience. 

Can my kindegardener play?

We do not advertise that we will accept players in kindergarten.  However, if a parent believes that the player is mature enough we will permit on a case-by-case basis. We find that players who are in the older range in their grade, play other sports or have older siblings participate successfully in the intramural program. 

Are there tryouts and roster limits for girls travel teams?

Due to the growth of our girls programs and league requirements to declare the number of teams early, we have instituted changes in the girls travel team program to make sure that every player has a meaningful, competitive lacrosse experience.  

 a. We will hold tryouts for girls in 7th and 8th grades to select an A team for the PAGLA 7th/8th Grade Division. Players not selected for an A team will play on a B team in that division. 

b. All experienced 6th graders will be placed on the A team. We anticipate that we will be able to field two teams comprised of 5th graders and new 6th graders who will b.e assigned by the coaches .These teams will likely be designated as  "B" teams.

c. Girls in 3rd and 4th grades will be divided up by the coaches so that the teams are balanced as there are no A or B teams in that division. 

d. We will field as many teams as we have players, but rosters will be limited to 20 players in grades 5 - 8 and 15 players in grades 3-4. Once a team reaches 20 or 15 in the case of 3rd and 4th graders, players registering thereafter will be placed on a waiting list and moved to a team once enough additional players have registered to field another team.  

What if my son or daughter does not want to be on a travel team?

Unfortunately, we do not have enough players to run an intramural program in those grades where there are travel teams. Furthermore, we do not see a difference between playing intramural games and games against teams from other programs.

How long is the season?

Travel teams typically begin practice in early March and start their league schedule at the end of March and play through the first weekend in June. The intramural programs start the first Sunday in April or last Sunday in March and run through the last Sunday before Memorial Day weekend. 

When are girls practices and games?

Most girls' travel games are on Saturdays. Boys in grades 7 and 8 play on Saturdays and in 6th grade and under on Sundays.     The day for intramural programs for boys and girls has not been decided. Last year, both the girls program and the boys program were on Sunday. 

Where are boys practices and games?

 Boys teams practice and play at Penncrest High School, but some teams may practice at Indian Lane Elementary School. March practices will be at Indian Lane. Girls' teams will play at Penncrest or Springton Lake Middle School or a combination of both.

What if my son or daughter plays another sport?

We recognize that your child is involved in numerous activities and other sports. Most players have not found lacrosse to be a significant impediment to participation in other activities. School always comes first. For other sports, we ask only that your child's commitment to lacrosse be equal to other sports. Generally this means that a conflict between a game and a practice should be resolved in favor of the game. Conflicts between practices should be resolved by attending on a rotating basis. Please recognize, however, that when your child misses a game or practice, he or she is one step behind the child who attended.  Since Boys A-1 and B-1 teams and Girls A teams are ivery competitive divisions and have a limited rosters, we expect these players to make lacrosse their number 1 sports commitment. 

What equipment do I need?

All Boys teams require a stick and a full complement of equipment: helmet, shoulder pads, gloves, arm pads, mouthpiece, cup, and soccer or football shoes Equipment is available for anyone participating in the intramural first and second program and requires a $150.00 deposit refundable when the equipment is returned. Some loaner sticks are available. Boys participating in the 3rd grade contact program and who are on travel. Helmets are available to players in third grade and up with a $100 deposit and we have a limited supply of other equipment on a first come-first serve basis. Girls need only a stick and mouthpiece. Protective eyewear is required for all girl travel team players. For more information, see the links in #14 below. 


Like most sports, the variation in and cost of equipment is enormous especially when it comes to lacrosse sticks. Fortunately, most of the manufacturers offer basic introductory sticks at around $25.00 - $35.00. For more information, see the links in #14 below. 

Do I have to live in the Rose Tree-Media School District to participate in Optimist Lacrosse?

If you are playing on a travel team, which includes all players  3 rd grade you must be a resident unless (a) if you are a girl and obtain a waiver from the youth lacrosse organization in the school district where you reside and the waiver is approved by the league; or (b) if you are a boy and are granted a hardship exception from our league.

I would like to coach, but I know nothing about lacrosse?

 We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals who can motivate children in a productive way and treat each player fairly. Since our coaches are usually spread very thin, we can use the help of parents to run drills, pick up equipment, and make phone calls and send emails. Such parents usually can pick up enough after a year to coach defense and run midfields in and out of a game. We will offer opportunities for formal training. Please don't be shy in offering to help.

Where can I obtain more information on sticks and equipment?

There are two lacrosse vendors which provide excellent information about lacrosse in general, sticks and equipment for beginning lacrosse players: 


                     Mens 2020 Lacrosse Gear Guide! 

                     Womens 2020 Lacrosse Gear Guide!